Saturday, 23 March 2013

Endeca Information Discovery 3.x breaks cover

While just looking at the Endeca documentation I noticed that Endeca 3.x has appeared.

I've not had time to do any in-depth digging around, but there look to be some nice headlines:

  • New chart types in studio (Bubble and Scatter look to be the biggest changes)
  • The documentation looks to have been tied up and better structured
  • End users can add their own data from spreadsheets to analyse - the data provisioning service
  • The Content Acquisition System has become the Integrator Acquisition System 
The new chart types may not seem to be that significant but I've always considered them to be two of the most useful ways of presenting many types of data.  I know that in some use cases I've come across their absence was a major blocker.

The data provisioning service is a major enhancement for many use cases.  I could go on at length about the pros and cons of allowing end users or analysts to "bring your own data" but not even having it as an option was a major blocker.  

I always felt that previous versions of the Endeca documentation had something of a "thrown together" quality about them in some areas, so it looks like there has been some tidying up.

The old content acquisition system, seems to have transformed into the Integrator Acquisition system.  I'm not sure what else has changed there.

I'll try to go through the new features in more detail as I get chance to explore them.  But at first glance this looks to be a major step forward, making this tool much more applicable in the general "data discovery" space against the likes of Tableau and Spotfire,  add in the unstructured power of of the Salience engine and I think Endeca looks all set for lift off.  

More information is available on the Oracle website.

Apologies for not being able to put in more detail at this time but I've got a half marathon to run in the morning.

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